Suprema - Foldable 3 in 1 cycle

Great foldable leisure bike for 11 year olds to adults interested in leisure, learning and re-learning.

Super light-weight

Superbly built aluminium frame provides the idea basis for a folding cycle than can deal with all manner of challenges

Back in the saddle

Balance formation for those who need a confidence boost when it’s been a while since they’ve been in the saddle.

Commuter or leisure

For the commuter or leisure cyclist its simple, fast and easy foldability makes this bike an excellent stowaway.  

Folding - Super lightweight Six Speed Bike

Also proven successful for aiding people with Balance & Co-ordination ‘Challenges’


  1. Folding size
  2. Storage and Carrying bag
  3. 20″ wheels with air tyres
  4. 6 speed Shimano gears
  5. Aluminium frame weighs 12kg as Balance bike
    and only gains 2kg in full pedal formation
  6. Tool Kit
  7. Frame comes with lifetime guarantee
Comes in Silver

'It teaches them to balance and builds confidence then lo and behold it's a bike that really can take the knocks. Superb!!!

Aneesha Amir, London

'Great concept that ends up as a bike that can stand up against any similar product and style.'

Liam Finch, Tadcaster

'This definitely isn't a novelty, it works and can be adjusted for a growing child. Money saver, definately.'

Miriam Smith, Sunderland

After Sales

The lightweight aluminium frame even comes with a lifetime guarantee

When you bike arrives...

…it will come with all fixtures and fittings needed for the three stages of bike riding development.

Free tool kit

You’ll also receive a comprehensive tool kit and instructions. It’s all pretty simple, but fear not, if you do have a problem, then call us and we’ll take you through the steps in your own time.

Fully guaranteed after sales service

We care about our clients, we care about our products and we care about our users. So if you have any problems, need any help, require some advice then we’re only an email or phone call away.