Access to Funding –  The government are encouraging all schools to teach cycling and are now fully backing that principle by providing access to substantial funding for schools to employ providers to teach Balanceability and recently announced further funding to teach children cycle safety.   Pedibal are at the forefront by providing multipurpose Balance to Pedal Bikes and give progressive schools a distinct edge, with the benefits for education of children who have gained balance.

Information – FREE Bikes & FREE Shipping Programme
Six Mix – 1 ADDITIONAL Sprinta FREE of Charge
Ten Mix – 2 ADDITIONAL Sprinta Bikes FREE of Charge
Fifteen Mix – 3 ADDITIONAL Sprinta Bikes FREE of Charge
Twenty + 4 ADDITIONAL Sprinta Bikes FREE of Charge + Bonus Balance Bike

Information Additional – Pedibal are Modeshift Partners and provide the bikes for schools to assist them achieve ‘National’ sustainable Transport recognition.

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