If you’re a charity that is involved with children or adults who would benefit from improved confidence, coordination, fitness, and fun, the Pedibal range can provide significant benefits.

The 3 in 1 philosophy of balance trainer to scooter to pedal bike can offer a fun therapy which can only be positive.

Even our adult range, has a quick and simple pedal addition system to help adults begin balancing and getting used to two wheels.

The same intermediate principle applies when the bike becomes scooter in preparation for the final stage of graduation to full fledged cyclist.

Everything is super-lightweight, so muscle strength is not necessarily a major issue.

And everything in the Pedibal range offers value, because with the convertibility, you only need one bike for all three stages.


Technical Stuff

Aluminium frames make lightweight learning easy

It's a piece of cake....

All of our frames are made from lightweight durable aluminium construction so little hands can still make light work of balance training.

Rather than dealing with a heavyweight steel bikeframe, our aluminium frames make getting to grips with movement and balance a piece of cake.

After Sales

The lightweight aluminium frame even comes with a lifetime guarantee

When you bike arrives...

…it will come with all fixtures and fittings needed for the three stages of bike riding development.

Free tool kit

You’ll also receive a comprehensive tool kit and instructions. It’s all pretty simple, but fear not, if you do have a problem, then call us and we’ll take you through the steps in your own time.

Fully guaranteed after sales service

We care about our clients, we care about our products and we care about our users. So if you have any problems, need any help, require some advice then we’re only an email or phone call away.


Three for the price of one – £129.99
3 in 1 Bike

18 month to five year olds
Inside leg 30cm – 45cm

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Three for the price of one – £149.99
3 in 1 Bike

4 to 12 year olds
Inside leg 43cm – 61cm

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3 in 1 Bike  for £359.99

11 year old to adult

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E-bike £1319.00

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